Tennis Attire


White tennis attire is required on the courts. A maximum 10% color trim per article of clothing (such as, but not limited to tights/leggings, sun protective shirts, wristbands, headbands, socks, hats, caps and visors) is allowed.

A. From October 15 through April 15, colored outer garments such as traditional tennis warm-ups (heavier tennis pants and tennis jackets), sweaters, sweater vests, other vests, long sleeve tops, and tights/leggings (in solid white or solid black colors only) are permitted. Such garments described above are defined as outer wear that is designed to function and be worn in colder weather. Said items must be worn over white tennis attire as defined in Section A.
B. All shoes must have smooth sole bottoms suitable for clay courts.
C. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts for men are not allowed.
D. The Tennis Chairperson, General Manager and Tennis Director have the right to levy a $25 fine per incident for failure to comply with these requirements. Any member has the right to appeal a fine to the Board.
E. Members and their guest are required to adhere to the clothing attire rules. It is the responsibility of each member to enforce the rules with respect to his/her guest. All others, including but not limited to unsponsored guests, non-member league participants and tournament participants are required to abide by the tennis attire rules or forfeit access to the tennis courts.
F. Notice of alleged attire violations should be directed to the General Manager, Tennis Director or Tennis Chairperson along with detailed information including but not limited to the nature of the offense, date/time of offense, the member’s name and photographs.
G. It shall be the responsibility of the General Manager to ensure that local and regional tennis league directors/managers are fully informed of the tennis attire rules of the Bocage Racquet Club on a quarterly basis.
H. Tennis attire is also part of the club’s By-laws 5.19.2011.