Junior Tennis Program

The Bocage Junior Program uses the USTA recommended play based progressive format of 10 and under tennis.To find out more go to   www.netgeneration.com. The mission of the Bocage Junior Program is to provide sound fundamental instruction to all levels of players in an atmosphere that challenges students physically and mentally!  We use a live ball learning style and we want to allow each player to find their own best form within the frame work of proper stoke techniques. We endeavor to create an atmosphere that challenges players to continually raise the level of their game, set and achieve personal goals, and to develop an appreciation for a sport that they will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. Stroke production, technique and fundamentals; drill situations; physical conditioning and match play are all part of the program! Our Junior Development program features all levels and many of our players go on to play college tennis. The students in our tournament group will receive coaching at designated tournaments throughout the year as part of the program. Tournament players in events where coaching is not provided may hire the coaching staff for those events. Email edgaskell@bocagerc.org for more information. Click Here for a non member registration form.

Spring & Fall After School Program:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 4:00 to 6:00 - All Levels age 8-18.
Members—$28 per class; Non Members—$36.00 per class.
Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 to 4:45 - Pee Wees Age 4-6 - Member rate $12; Non member rate $18.

Summer Program - June, July & August
Monday - Friday 9am—11pm All levels age 8 - 18.
Members - $28 per class; Non members - $36 per class.
Pee Wees Age 4-5 Tuesday & Thursday 9 - 9:45. Member rate $12; Non member rate $18.
Junior Program billing: Fees are billed monthly for the classes attended.